• "Ganlu Tongyun" talent show put on again


    A few days ago, the 2018 Ehu Folk-custom Cultural Festival - 9th “Ganlu Tongyun” talent show, jointly held by Ehu Town Cultural and Sports Service Station and Ganlu Central Kindergarten was put on in Ganlu Square.

  • Busy bagging for pears


    The picture, taken recently, shows orchard workers in the Qunfeng Community in Mashan Residential Street in Binhu District busy bagging for cuiguan pears. According to the principal of the pear garden, the bagging period in 2018 was in the mid-to-late of May. At present, it is the best opportunity of bagging for cuiguan pears. Bagging is an important link of guaranteeing the quality of cuiguan pear. It can not only reduce number and amount of use of pesticide, reduce pesticide residue and decrease diseases and pests, but also reach effect including enhancing fruit color, improving commodity rate and lengthening market supply period.

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